Questions About the Bible

A  Jehovah’s Witness asked me if I had any questions about the Bible.

Let’s see…

If God is all-knowing, didn’t he know Satan would rebel before he created him? Didn’t he know that Eve would eat the fruit? Didn’t he know in advance that he would banish Adam and Eve from the Garden? Either he knows everything or he doesn’t.

If God is perfect in every respect, not needing anything from any outside source to complete himself, why did he create humans, the universe, etc.?

If God created everything, wouldn’t he be ultimately responsible for what he created (esp. if he knew the end result, being all-knowing and all)? If I put a baby in a crib with a knife, I know that that baby is likely to cut itself. If I am all-knowing, then I would be considered to be even more at fault (responsible) if I put a baby into a crib with a knife and KNEW in advance that it would cut itself. According to the Bible, God places Adam and Eve into a Garden and tells them the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil is forbidden. It’s worse than putting a baby in a crib with a knife.

Why would this God punish Adam and Eve for not obeying him if they didn’t know any better before they ate the fruit? Why would he punish their descendants since they weren’t even there? If my father commits a crime, is it justice that my grandchildren have to suffer for it?

If your God created everything and knows everything, isn’t he creating people who he knows will be eternally tormented in hell before he creates them? That seems like a pretty sick and twisted God to me.

Why would a God ALLOW anyone to be eternally tormented for temporal crimes (or so-called “sins”)?

The Bible says that the punishment for eating of the fruit is death (“for in THE DAY that you eat of it, you shall die”). That doesn’t seem to be the actual result. Instead, no one dies right away. Perhaps you could argue that “morality” is what is meant, but that doesn’t seem to be the case either, because God seems worried that they might also eat of the tree of life (“and live forever”). This implies unless they ate of the tree of life, they were already mortal. So, why did God make an empty threat about what would happen if they ate of the fruit of good and evil?

While we’re on that subject, who is God talking to when he says things like, “Behold, the man has become like US, knowing the difference between good and evil” or “Let US make man in our image,” or “Come let US go down, and there confuse their language,” etc.?

That last quote was when God seemed worried that humans might get together to accomplish things that might be some kind of challenge to God himself (“this is only the beginning of what they will do; and nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible to them”).

He seems kind of afraid that humans might eat of the tree of life and become immortal like he is, so that is the reason they are kicked out of the Garden. Later, he seems to be afraid that they might build a tower that reaches into the heavens and that “nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible to them” if they do, so he confounds their language to stop it (even though, we’ve now built larger buildings than they could have ever built in the past and have sent objects into space much further and still not breached any domain he seems to have been worrying about).

Later, God “regrets” he has made “man,” and he causes a flood to wipe most of us out. How can a being like God is supposed to be “regret” anything? Didn’t he know what was going to happen before he started all this “in the beginning”?

He also claims to be “jealous,” which most human beings consider to be a petty emotion. It’s as if he is “needy” of our worship and approval (not commonly associated with a ‘perfect’ being). And didn’t he know in advance what to expect? Every time he is angry about something it appears he didn’t expect it or know what was going to happen in advance.

This God of yours seems to be more like a petty tyrant in need of absolute obedience and worship, and he doesn’t appear to be all-knowing, all-powerful, or all anything except a petty asshole with superpowers (fearing what humans might accomplish that might challenge him, if he doesn’t keep a close eye on us and knock us down if we get too uppity in his eyes).

We haven’t even gotten out of Genesis yet, and I’m only scratching the surface of the questions I could ask.

Obviously, whoever wrote Genesis wasn’t even there to give an accurate account of what happened. You have to believe whoever wrote it down was “inspired” by the God you believe in in some way. Not only do you not have any idea of who wrote it, you really have no idea if they were really “inspired” or not. You are buying all this on FAITH without any empirical evidence (and it contradicts the empirical evidence that we do have about the origins of the earth). Your FAITH is just another word for credulity. Why should we believe your mythology more than the mythology of thousands of other myths (and religions)?

Love Lost Poems

During the 1980s when I was in my twenties, I was in a number of very passionate relationships. It might have been I was “addicted to love” in some respects. It did seem to act like a drug in a lot of ways, with incredible highs while under its influence, and horrible–sometimes suicidal–lows when going through withdrawal. I previously posted a selection of my early love poetry and promised to post the related heart break poems in another installment. This is that installment.

The selection starts out with a few that might be described as a bit sad, but it gets a little darker from there.

Go So Well

We go so well together –
I want you in all kinds of weather….
I want you when the sun is shining bright,
I want you in the middle of the night.
I want you when the rain is falling down,
I want you when the snow is swirling ’round.
It’s too bad I want you so
just when you have to go.

Drawn into the Darkness

Drawn into the darkness
by a siren crying out
like a prehistoric creature
in the night.

I walk lightly
(and sometimes leap)
’til I am lost
in a multitude of stars.

All is…
fear and
magic and
excitement and
surprise and…
at last, I find you!

I see you
calling out to me…
reflecting moonlight
on the ocean…
smiling and
waving and
winking and…
floating away in a bottle.


Who do you call
when your back’s against the wall
and you think you’re gonna fall?

What do you do
when you know it’s up to you
and you haven’t got a clue?

When did you find
you were left in a bind
in a sad state of mind?

Where do you go
when there’s no one that you know
and you’re feeling kinda low?

Why do you think
you’ve been pushed to the brink
and your life’s in the sink?

How can you play
at the end of the day
when they’ve taken you away?

Rainbows and Clouds

Simply smiling in a rose garden.
Sitting on a swing
at the end of a rainbow –
My lady and I
holding hands.


Riding on the top of a cloud
in an icy high wind
with the wild eyes of night
screaming across the sky –

Magic and Death

There is magic!
There is magic in excitement.
There is magic in surprise.
There is magic in this moment.
There is magic in your eyes.


There is death!
There is death in this excitement.
There is death in this surprise.
And there is death in this moment,
as I stare into your eyes.

Our lips meet
in a kiss
of cyanide.

Shall I die loving you
shall I die in disguise?


Gasping at a spindrift of implications
grasping for your floating influence,
I flail air and water
to no avail….

When I tire, the sea will have me.


Destroyed –
Almost beyond recognition,
grasping at comprehension.

Lost –
Directions without reason –
wasted, sick, and beaten.

Hopeless –
crushing total despair.

Vast potential unvented,
vanquished before his time.
Marks go unmended,
mutilated in his prime.

Spoilt –
Scared and spent,

Young –
Yet old and dying.

Withered –
Wrinkled in waiting,
eyes twinkle fading.

Alone –
The lights go out and
no one is there.


Hell is forever sitting at the gates of Heaven
watching with burning desire
the unattainable possibility of you love

I shall return to the world
no joy is left.

Apathy and Death

Coffee boiling as I slip away,
Cigarette burning in the ashtray.
Laying, looking at the TV set,
Apathy and death.
Apathy and death.


Death comes to those who wait in tiresome places —
crawling through collapsing spaces —
leaving vague traces —
and silently slipping away.