Why Bernie Sanders is the Best Candidate to Run Against Trump

* In polls for several years now, in head-to-head match-ups, Bernie has had either the first or second largest lead against Trump.
* In polls for several years now Bernie has been at the top or top tier of highest favorability ratings among Democrats. In the most recent poll, he was #1.
* Bernie has the largest, broadest, and most passionate base across the country. He’s the candidate who seems to have the most grassroots support and grassroots energy.
* Bernie is the candidate who may do more to motivate the key younger demographic everyone says is most important (as well as those who don’t normally vote). During the 2016 primary, his support among the younger demographic was greater than Clinton and Trump combined. Running anyone else may cause many of these people to sit it out or vote for a third party candidate again.
* Bernie is the candidate who did well in 2016 in red states like Kansas, Idaho, and Indiana, and key Trump swing states like Michigan and Wisconsin. And, just a few weeks ago, for example, a poll showed Bernie beating Trump by a bigger margin in Texas (6 points) than any other candidate, and a poll out just a couple of days ago shows Bernie as the only candidate who beats Trump in Iowa.
* Bernie (and Yang) do best with Trump cross-over Republicans.
* Bernie is bringing in more money than any other candidate with small dollar donations and is even setting records. This means there are more people making a personal investment in him than anyone else. People putting their money where their mouth is may indicate they are more likely to vote. [Not long ago the NYT published a map of candidates with the most individual donors across the US. Bernie Sanders was represented in blue, and blue so dominated the map across the country they had to provide another map that didn’t include him so people could see where all the support for the other candidates were.]
Just Three Additional Reasons To Support Bernie
* Bernie is the candidate who we might trust most to fight for the things he’s advocating for because he has decades of receipts fighting for those things, and we might trust him because he is not corrupted by big money donors or corporations.
* For those who believe we are currently living in an oligarchy posing as a democracy with politicians bought and paid for by the most wealthy and the largest corporations, Bernie has the boldest plans to make the fundamental changes needed to bring back our democracy. Unless we address this situation, we are unlikely to get anything else done including…
* For those who REALLY believe climate change is an EXISTENTIAL threat to humanity, Bernie has the boldest plans to address the situation in time to make a difference.
Of course, politicians bought and paid for by the fossil fuel industry aren’t going to be interested in taking strong action on climate change. Just like politicians who take money from the NRA aren’t going to be interested in any gun control, politicians who receive money from the pharmaceutical industry and health insurance companies aren’t going to be interested in “Medicare for all,” politicians receiving large donations from corporations aren’t going to be interested in raising the minimum wage, politicians who have been corrupted by big money donors aren’t going to be interested in getting money out of politics and returning us to our democracy, and so on and on.
Polls continue to show that this kind of legalized corruption is a top concern among all voters, and Bernie has the boldest plans of any candidate to address it.