Early Love Poems

Of course, I wrote some love poetry when I was younger. Aside from a lame attempt I made at it in 10th grade, this is a selection of my earliest love poems. These were written to different women between the years 1978-1988, when I was in my twenties. I’ll post the broken heart poems in another installment.

This one was written in college. 


Lady, you charm me

as a dangling mobile

tempting my touch.

A smile,

a wink,

a reflection of life and light

sparkling as you turn.


Lady, you are as this sunrise

burning me up

as I behold you.

Even now I risk being blinded

by your gaze

so that I might

live in your fire.


Lady, I could dwell on you all day.

For you grow across my mind

like a never-ending expansion

invading my perception,

taking over the sky,

obscuring my vision.

Here is an obsession undenied-

I will walk to the ends of the world

so that we might collide.


Lady, you as this sunset-

Firing up the clouds

in the spectrum

of an autumn afternoon.

And here at last

I touch you for the first time,

and I am born holding your hand.


Lady, as I draw you near,

I hear your whisper

as gentle wind touching chimes.

Each breath as music on air,

sounding as you speak,

and seducing my ear into madness.


Lady, my arms fit you so well,

I want them always to be around you.


My dearest lady, I should like to take you slowly,

for I would like to spend my life on you.

This golden touch we share

will never be satisfied in time,

and this feeling will cross the ages


I sent this one to a girl who lived over 4 hours diving time away. She got in her car shortly after receiving it and drove down to surprise me with a 3 day visit. 


There is symmetry in our embrace
and harmony in our touch.
We flow together in perfect motion
desiring to be as one.

There is destiny in our gaze
and hunger in our eyes.
We fly together in ultimate comfort
casting shadows in the sun.

There are parallels in our positions –
an attraction between us.
We soar together in absolute ecstasy
and sail across the land.

There is music in our mouths
and passion on our lips.
We fall together in total silence
and kiss, finally, in the sand.

These next two were from a heavy romance in the late 1980s….

I in You (Reflections)

as a dream
or a vision.

as a song
in harmony
with lovely melody.

True art
of form
and color
gracefully conceived.


I drink your shape and essence
with thirsty eyes
until I overflow with you
and spill over….

Your dancing lips
and golden face —
Your electric touch
and tight embrace —
With sparkling eyes
and thunder passion —
the booms and trembles
of the power that is fashioned….

We stare into each other’s eyes…
each seeing the other
each seeing ourselves.

And it is so easy…
and comfortable…
and sweet…
with a passion that is
simply inspired,
and a desire that is
deep as the earth.

You live in me and
I in you.

Whenever I hold your body
we meld where we meet —
and our souls are pleasantly tangled.

Flowers and Strawberries

I love your flowers and your strawberries,
the bananas and whipped cream.
I love to watch you sleeping,
for I see in you a dream.

I love your notes and letters
the Sundrop and balloons.
I love to hear your commercials
and listen to all your tunes.

I love it when you moan or sigh,
I love you when you talk or cry,
But mostly…
I love to kiss and hold you
and tell you that I love you
whenever I look into your eyes.

This one could be a Hallmark card. 

I Like You

I know that there are things that you like
and I don’t.
I know that there are things that I like
and you won’t.
I would like
to see what it would be like
to be liked
by you.

This one was written to a nurse whose initials were ELF.


Primary Panacea
Salutary Sanative
Reviving Remedy
Oneric Osculation
Tactus Treatment
Elixer of Elation
End Pleasure
In Vivo

Love at first sight…

He Paused…

He paused…
and paused…
and held his breath and body
and time stopped him in his tracks.

Stilled movement
for this moment
staring in her eyes.

He could not speak or start
for he had been stunned where he stood –
damned and dumbfounded in his awe.

His mouth dropping open
was the only action in the universe.

I guess this next one could be read as a love poem or not (and with or without sexual connotations). 

I Am Coming

From the primal bang that is chaos –

I come with energy.

From the fire that lit the universe –

I come inflamed.

From the evolution of matter –

I come with life.

From the womb of multitudes –

I come selected.


From the spectrum of light –

I come in these colors.

From the multiplicity of forms –

I come in this shape.

From the doorways of all senses –

I come with awareness.

From numberless places –

I come to this point.


In the friction of mass and motion –

I come to spark at this contact.

From endless time –

I come to you now.

This last one in this post was written during a lunch hour to a bank teller I had been joking with, suggesting she should be the Azalea queen that year (Wilmington, NC, where I was living at the time, chose a “Queen Azalea” each year). 

To Queen Azalea

To be spoken while on one knee, eyes and head lowered, a beautiful nosegay in hand:

To Her Grace, the Ancienne Noblesse of Azalea; the Rhizanthous Ruler and Sovereign of Shoots, the Herbaceous Highborn and Budding Blueblood, Her Multiflorous Majesty and Radiciflorus Royalty, the Petal Princess and Luxuriant Ladyship, Her Honour and Worship — the Empress of Efflorescence. To Her Excellency, the Floral Highness, Her Flowered Head, the Queen;

A Poesy To A Posy

A bouquet of blossoms —
flourishing foliage in unfoldment —
cannot compare to your style or your stigma.
These burgeoning buddings
fade beside your stamen
and your long, lush stems
This floriferous florescence
withers next to your petals
and perky pistils
These growing gemmations
pale against your radicated corolla,
your anther and ovary,
and rank corona.
Your bloom is the best
for you are the highborn eminence of flowers.

From your servant,
The Prince of Pollination