The Universe Destroyed – Our Hero Saved

Part 1

Celery Blink was finally free of the planet. The air was scorched. His glasses were melting. He was pushing his ship to its limits.

Any second now, he might be shot out of the sky by the Assassins, who were hot on his tail. He had barely escaped getting vaporized just moments before by making it to his newly outfitted ship and lifting off before Air Control could seal the port.

“EXPLOSION! EXPLOSION!” The computer clanged and the ship rocked.

Celery’s glasses were sliding down his nose….

“Give it up, Blink; you haven’t got a chance,” said a much too calm voice over his receiver.

“Bye, Bozo,” Celery mumbled as he entered the last digits into his JUMP program for warping into hyperspace, He could hear someone laughing as he shifted his Accelerator on for the jump.

What Celery didn’t know was that the Assassins had tampered with his program and that now there was a definite loop in the middle of his jump.

So, he jumped and he jumped and he jumped and he jumped and he jumped and he jumped and he jumped and he jumped…..

Part 2

What the Assassins didn’t know was that Celery’s ship was powered by a Monopole Accelerator. It was his new design.

An overheated Monopole Accelerator might easily explode, wiping out the universe and a few other things besides.

Eventually, the ship blew, the universe was destroyed, and there wasn’t a shred of evidence left….

Except, of course, for Celery, who had pushed the eject button at precisely the right instant and was blown into another universe entirely.