This is a notice to inform you of your noncompliance with applicable laws regarding registration of your acronym with one or more of the offices of the Lexicology Department of the Communications Commission.

In order to comply, you must provide:

1- The onomastics and all morphemes of the acronym.
2- A written phonetic rendering of the acronym.
3- A copy of the acronym as it is used as a logotype, logograph, or logogram (if applicable).

Failure to comply or respond will be considered an act of nonfeasance unless proof or fungible is submitted that the initials or name you are using is not an acronym. If, for example, the initials or name constitute an anagram, logogriph, onomatopoeia, oxymoron, or merely a tetragram, you need not file, but you must respond in any case.

Please note that initialisms are considered a subset of acronyms.

In addition, if your acronym is considered to be gelogenic in origin or nature, a red logo-stamped button is required.


Spurious Satrap
Lexiphanic Comiconomenclaturist
Office of Abbr.
Dept. of Lexicology
Communications Commission