A Short Selection of Short, Short Stories

Over the years I’ve ended up with a collection of short, short stories. I’ve considered putting them all in a book one day to be titled, “A Short Collection of Short, Short Stories – For People With Short Attention Spans.” Here is a brief sample.

This first story was one I wrote in 4th grade (my first story). The other two were written in the late 70s or early 80s.


It is.
It lives.

It draws breath in the dark cellar.
It climbs up the creaking stair.
It opens the cellar door….

It lets out a terrible scream!!!

It falls and tumbles down the steps.
It saw YOU when it opened the door!
YOU scared It to death!

It dies.
It isn’t.

The Hero Dies

Dr. Russell Oversleave stared pointedly at the frankly stupid geek that stood in his way. “Excuse me,” he said indifferently and began stepping forward, eye contact broken…

The frankly stupid geek drew the club he held behind his back and bashed in the doctor’s brains…

“UH-HUH,” he laughed and lumbered on down the hall, “UH-HUH, UH-HUH.”

Elkin and the Puma

Elkin stared at the puma. The puma was dead. Elkin had killed it.

It was July. A hot, hazy Friday. The sun was well into the sky, beating down relentlessly on the skyscraper city.

The puma was dead and Elkin was late for work.