Good News!

I was overwhelmed with nothing but good news coming in yesterday via email….

I found out I could finally start making the money I deserve, that the house of my dreams is available, and that I can now get cheap insurance and cheap prescriptions online. I received some great deals for Viagra, Cialis, and something that can boost my immune system for the flu season. And I was so relieved to find out that there are several cures for Cancer, SARS, and HIV now…should I need them.

I also had some nice offers for Rolex watches, and unlimited free music and movie downloads, along with an invitation to attend a party at Mack’s (I’m not sure who he is, but it was nice of him to invite me).

It seems I won a Green Card in a lottery that I didn’t even know I had entered, I can now get out of photo-cop tickets forever, and there are some Nigerians that want to give me a lot of money for doing them a small favor.

And best of all…. apparently, there are some beautiful women who want to show me naked pictures of themselves, and some who want to meet me!

(This last should come in handy after I respond to the offer to get my penis enlarged.)