Comment on the Flying Spaghetti Monster

As you already may be aware…all Flying Spaghetti Monsters were originally created by The Invisible Clowns That Dance Around My Head™, who are in control of absolutely everything that is and is not.

They created everything (and everything that is not) by the direct manipulation of the Flying Spaghetti Monsters that exist in all multiverses (except for the small subset of infinite multiverses where they do not exist).

(As we all know, based on mathematics, some infinities are more infinite than others….)

The Invisible Clowns That Dance Around My Head™ have instructed me to tell you about them for reasons only they can explain so, in spite of the kind of mocking disobedience they usually merit and which they usually require of me, I’ve decided to obey their will on this occasion in order to more thoroughly mock them in the future.

(Mockery is their suggested method of worship and clever mockery really makes them dance.)

The proof of their existence and power is based on their personal confessions to me. Therefore, it must be true.

They are the masters of what is (and what is not) because they say they are, and I believe they are what they say they are because they are the masters of what is (and what is not).

That’s logic…however I want to define it!

It stands to reason after all. It is like a mathematical clap-trap with no escape.

(And science is just another word for something else to prove….)

The Invisible Clowns That Dance Around My Head™want me to remind you that while the Flying Spaghetti Monsters might be worthy of worship, they are even better half-baked (ummm, ummm, good!)…and that the whole thing with the pirates was merely a marketing tool for prosthetic limbs, eye patches, and puffy-sleeved shirts.